First Install OS4FE in a Peg2

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First Install OS4FE in a Peg2

Post by doraemonppc »

I bought a AmigaOs4FE and I want to install to my pegasos2.
I have installed Morphos and Linux Debian 8 on it and I do not want to erase this.
Any tutorial or help about the partiton scheme needed for OS4?
The "new hdtoolbox" doenst want to make new partitions and I have a lot of free space (1TB ssd) and ask to re-read for the disk info.
If I re-read the disk info says that all data will be owewritten...
I hope that I can have triple boot like I had a lot of years ago.
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Re: First Install OS4FE in a Peg2

Post by sailorMH »

Here ... nglish.pdf is manual for clean installation of AmigaOS 4.1, you can see partition layout there. Instalation of 4.1FE is very similar.

For partitioning is best to prepare disk with only one tool. For example, I preparing new partitions for all systems with MorphOS HD config, and under linux and AmigaOS I only format them for appropriate filesystem. Combining more hdd tool from different systems can cause the mess on HDD. Once I totally messed my disk on powermac with tool from OSX and Linux ;-)

Because Pegasos 2 can boot only from internal IDE, i have this partitioning:

internal IDE (ide.device:0) - CFCard
1. morphos SFS partition, 2 GB size ( 0.5 is enough)
if you have newest firmware, you can use SFS here, with older firmware you should use FFS.
On this partition I store kernels from all systems: boot.img (morphos), amigaboot.of + Kickstart directory ( AmigaOS ), vmlinux ( debian jessie )
also there is installed "bootcreator" script for boot selection.

PCI SATA Sii3114 - (sata.device:0) - SSD
1. 1 GB reserve for booting partition, in case that disk will be placed in IDE controller, now empty
2. morhos SFS System:
3. morphos SFS work:
4. amigaos SWAP 4GB
5. amigaos SFS02 SystemAOS:
6. linux swap, 4GB

- because I have smaller SSD there, other partitions are on second disk
PCI SATA Sii3114 - (sata.device:1) - HDD
1. amigaos SFS2 work:
2. linux ext4 /

In the case you not use PCI SATA controller, and have IDE-SATA adapter + SSD, you shoud put this on SSD 1st booting partition:
boot.img (morphos), amigaboot.of ( AmigaOS ), vmlinux ( debian jessie )
amigaos kickstart directory is not needed here, because is acessible on IDE amigaos SystemAOS:

Also don't worry about Morphos and AmigaOS System: boot priorities, you can setup directly appropriate booting partition in bootcreator script ( for example bd=DH0 for morphos and bd=ADH0 for amigaos - according to your real device names. You also must set amigaos kickstart module BootDevice to ADH0.
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