fat crossdos partitio not mounting

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Re: fat crossdos partitio not mounting

Post by barana »

I have tried, but as above, wb sometimes mounts, soemtimes doesnt - hit and miss really, the partition i have set aside for fat32,
if it does, it complains it cant mount it due to broken disk geometry - this is with the setting mediatoolbox has injected into the dosdriver- . it doesnt reliably mount. this is before i even attempt to format, if i do, see posts above
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Re: fat crossdos partitio not mounting

Post by mechanic »

Just for fun.

I took a HD on a USB adaptor, connected it to a Linux box, formatted the drive,
added a FAT32 partition (C), copied a file to the partition, moved the drive to
my Sam440ep USB port and the partition was recognized and the file copied to a
SFS/00 partition on the amiga.

I think what is missing on what you are attempting to do is the MBR. I could be wrong.
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Re: fat crossdos partitio not mounting

Post by Belxjander »

what happened to using the RDB ... you had it bypass this by setting the start block

I had no problem with a 500G drive with 75G part at the end after the Reiser part

I will mail that to you. as it may help
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