Update2 - Boot Issues...

This forum is for all AmigaOne 500, Sam440 and Sam460 specific issues.
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Re: Update2 - Boot Issues...

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The "logical test" you proposed is irrelevant,

TEST: Two Kicklayout Entries, with "Update2" specific kmods in Sys:Kickstart/u2/ and configured appropriately,

Attempt to boot "AmigaOS4.1FE+U1" and "AmigaOS4.1FE+U2" entries independently *without* Startup-Sequence script.

I used the Kicklayout from the 4.1FE CD and made two entries...
"AmigaOS4.1FE+U1" is the Sys:Kickstart/ tree as applied from the CD with Update1 installed,
"AmigaOS4.1FE+U2" is replacing specifically the dos/elf/newlib kmod triplet with "Sys:Kickstart/u2/" path prefixing as the exclusive difference.

Testing is attempting to boot each KickLayout entry as presented by the Boot menu listing the two labels configured in the KickLayout.

AmigaOS4.1FE+U1 KickLayout entrie worked and provided a Boot Shell which enabled Execution of the renamed Startup-Sequence and a usable system.
= SUCCESSFUL Boot Shell provision and a working system

AmigaOS4.1FE+U2 (using u2/dos.library.kmod + u2/elf.library.kmod + u2/newlib.library.kmod [=sam440ep])
= FAILURE of Boot Shell provision, even given a full 10 minutes...

Therefore, *regardless* of the system isntalled onto the HDD ... if the Kickstart itself CAN NOT provision a boot shell at all,
something is seriously broken BEFORE the system on disk is even looked at.

so the argument of requiring a fresh install at this point is irrelevant.

please explain how I am suppossed to obtain a "hotfix" where I can not actually boot the specific Kickstart module set for Update 2?

sam440ep-flex mainboard with PCI "Radeon 9250 Graphics Card", "Broadcom Wireless Network Controller", "USB3 XHCI Controller" cards installed,
2x SATA 1TB Samsung HDDs
(1st is AmigaOS RDSK prepared with multiple AmigaOS4.x and Linux partitions, 2nd is PTBL partitioned with a single 1TB NTFS partition)
USB Keyboard+Mouse by Wireless controller
USB BeagleBoneBlack (Arch Linux with "USB Device" options "disk", "serial", Network[EEM, ECM] enabled, "RNDIS" and "printer" disabled)

AmiUpdate is specifically listing the same 3 specific updates repeatedly even AFTER installation of the updates in question.

The system itself has not displayed any major errors outside of what is expected for software development.
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Re: Update2 - Boot Issues...

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Belxjander wrote: Mon Feb 08, 2021 9:56 am @nbache:

The "logical test" you proposed is irrelevant,
If you say so ...

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