sam440ep-flex FPGA tools...

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sam440ep-flex FPGA tools...

Post by Belxjander »

Having recent
y rebuilt my system over due to a detail I missed in the initial setup...

I noticed that there is updated aupport for the FPGA and was wondering if there was any updates with regards tools for using the FPGA itself?

Are the older Acube released devkit materials still the "go to" source with regards to this?

I'm currently looking at needing actual hardware acceleration modules and would like to work out what is actually needed to use the fpga (I know I lack the skills to make images for it at this time... however that doesn't stop me asking questions a d tryimg to learn about it so I can better make decisions in relation to ideas I experiment with)

Mostly my idea is to use the FPGA for embedding a cryptography function or two into hardware (code from opencores maybe compatible?... need to look into this a lot more)

I'd *like* to make use of the FPGA if at all possible.

So... for this "want"... what do I actually need on an AOS4.1FE+U1 installation?

Do I need any non-AmigaOS applications? what is recommended as "most compatible" with least cost and some tutorials?
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