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Recommendable PCI riser cards?

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:14 am
by Belxjander
If anyone can refer me to a PCI-Ex slot adapter I can use on the sam440 I'd be happy to try a dual-card setup with both RadeonHD PCI-Express + Radeon 9xxx PCI cards here (I'm already looking for a 2-3 slot riser for the additional cards I have so I can bolt everything in here anyway (USB3 + Broadcom Wi-Fi cards).

I'm wanting to get more into device driver development so a riser to buffer possible damage and avoid breaking my sam440 seems more of a must get (Hot pluggable options may be preferable maybe?)

I know I generate a lot of static on occasion during hot days so want to avoid dumping that onto any boards after antistatic strapping myself to the machine, dumping residual power and yanking the power cable out completely.