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SAM440EP freezes with RADEON 9250 PCI inserted

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:34 pm
by lechuck
Yesterday I tried to install an ATI RADEON PCI card on my SAM440ep.Although the card is recognized by the SAM and the os 4.1 install cd,
installation completes successfully but after the 1st reboot and immediately after the workbench screen is displayed,the SAM freezes.

I have updated to uboot 1.3.1d and performed the pci update from the A-CUBE site, changed the setting in video preferences of UBOOT to boot from PCI and not internal, copied the radeon monitor driver from the OS4.1 installation cd on my hard disk's DEVS:Monitors but still the SAM440ep freezes.Sam has no such issues with the onboard video card.

Any help would be appreciated.