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Re: PCI-E to PCI Bridge: Sam460EX

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:17 am
by lozspd4
Hi Spectre660
By the Ranger Output it Shows that everything is in the green even ,interupt link look good , so in theory it should work, but that with the mechanical Problem now is a bummer,
i have never seen a low Profile Sound Card for that Modell.
but i have seen a Extension pci riser on a flexy cable like that on a internal Keyboard that you could put the Card in the next Slot under the pcie to pci Adapter, That would also enable you to test further cards with out physically stressing the onboard Slot for testing, Somthing like this i found on Fleebay may sort the mechanical Problem,;jse ... 26_rdc%3D1

Regards Laurence