AOS4.1FE PartitionWizard

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AOS4.1FE PartitionWizard

Post by royleith »

Searching disks in PartitionWizard rushes up to 94% and then stops at the following failure,

sii0680ide.device unit 0
I/O command 49152 failed. error 20

With regular Retries I have inched it up to 96%, but it's slow progress. I don't seem to be getting any further than that.

Trying with unit 1 gives no partitions found, which is strange as I have two HDDs on the controller and a CD and DVD as well.

I tried with usbsys.device, to try my external drive (formatted to FFS), but with 'no partitions' reported. BTW, it was formatted with FAT32 which got royally knickertwisted with long names and multiple dots. Naughty Miggy software!

PartitionWizard also forgets which device driver to use and this has to be entered every time the program is started.

I have always had a problem with block read failures that are then passed with a retry, but it was always nice to check the partition out with PartitionWizard.

Other than that, I am happy with 4.1FE as it seems to come out of the box with all my add-on features installed and working, such as click-to-front and context menus.
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Re: AOS4.1FE PartitionWizard

Post by RussellB »

Partition Wizard doesn't work properly at all on FE it did work under 4.1 update 6. I have tested it on both my XE and classic machines and it doesn't find partitions at all.
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Re: AOS4.1FE PartitionWizard

Post by Spektro »

Thanks for the reports! I've filed the bug (Bug 9180) so that developers can look into it.
- Janne Peräaho
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