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AOS 4.1 FE bug - WBRun mishandles unrecognized files

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:23 pm
by saimo
I have noticed a few minor defects in AOS 4.1 FE that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, so I have decided to report them. Eventually I went for separate threads to avoid confusion.
If the problem described below is already discussed elsewhere, please feel free to just point me to the right place. Thanks.

My system:
* A1 XE G4
* 512 MB RAM
* Radeon 9000 with 64 MB RAM
* SoundBlaster Live!
* IDE HD on a1ide.device (normally turned off at the beginning of the startup-sequence)
* SATA SDD on Sil5312ide.device
* all partitions formatted with SFS/00

When a file that is not recognized by DefIcons (hence a generic project) is opened with WBrun 53.7, the def_project tool is not run and the system becomes jerky/unstable (to the point that, eventually, and especially if more attempts are made, it freezes completely when trying to double-click icons on the Workbench).

Test case:
1. put the test script quoted below somewhere, making sure that it has the S flag set;
2. indicate the script as the default tool in your def_project icon;
3. open a shell;
4. run this command: WBRun <project file>, where <project file> is the path to a non-executable file that DefIcons doesn't recognize.


Code: Select all

.key FILE/A
Echo <FILE>
The expected effect should be that a shell opens with the file name typed in it; however, nothing happens and, as said above, the system becomes unstable. Note that this is really related to the new WBRun because everything works fine:
* with WBRun 53.2;
* if the file is manually double-clicked from Workbench.

Re: AOS 4.1 FE bug - WBRun mishandles unrecognized files

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:14 pm
by saimo

Anyone experiences the same?