Usb Amigados process 112

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Usb Amigados process 112

Post by swoop »

I have just come across a problem with USB, or AmigaDOS on OS4.1 update4.

I have a usb stick which contains some 234 files which are ripped tracks from a 12 CD audiobook.
On my hard drive I have now joined the 20 od tracks from each cd, into one mp3 per CD, so only 12 files.

I now want to delete the 234 files from the usb stick, and replace them with the 12.

1. I opened the usb stick.
2. Selected show all files.
This seemed to take a minute or so (?)

3. I selected all the files, and right clicked for the context menu.
This also seemed to takes ages before the context menu came up.

4. I then got the delete progress window com up and the deletion stared.

At about 5% done I get an "AmigaDOS Process: 112" window coming up
with the error message
Please insert volume
The House Sitter:
in any drive

Process: "Workbench"
With buttons for Retry/Assign/Mount/Cancel along the bottom.

There were then some other windows, but my workbench has frozen
although my mouse is still moveable, but can't select anything.

I will re-boot and try to post further details.

For information purposes I have an A1XE-G3 800.
Posts: 17
Joined: Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:22 am

Re: Usb Amigados process 112

Post by swoop »


The usb stick is 512mb, 56% full, 222.5mb free, 279.4mb in use, and
it took 20 seconds to display the files, without selecting show all files.

Select contents was then fairly instant. (?)

It then took 24 seconds for the right-mouse context button to come up.

I select delete, and get the ASyncWB window warning I cannot get back
what I delete, and is it OK to delete: 214 files.

This time when I select delete, all files are deleted just fine.

The only thing I did on the first attempt that was different, was select show all
files from the workbench/window menu.
Is there a conflict of priorities between workbench and cntext menu's, and why should USB
take 20 second to show(index?) 214 files?

There seems to be something funny here, but I can't tie it down.
Any help would be appreciated.
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