Level 3 cache not detected

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Corporal Up The Nuts
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Level 3 cache not detected

Post by Corporal Up The Nuts »

My G4 cpu module has the two CY7C1354BV25-166AXC SRAM chips installed, but neither Ranger and Sysmon is able to detect it.

I've heard that early in the production of the A1XE that they removed the cache to save costs, but does AmigaOS also disable it since then?

Any way to re-enable it?
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Re: Level 3 cache not detected

Post by sailorMH »

I am not sure, but it can be caused by this:
AmigaOne XE and Micro A1-C had Southbridge Articia-S with cache coherency bug. There is software workaround in OS. It is possible, that it also turns off L3. Try to search for Articia S cache coherency or ask directly developers.
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Re: Level 3 cache not detected

Post by tonyw »

Long time ago now, but back in 2004 I do remember the kernel developers saying that the Level 3 cache had little or no effect, and was disabled because of that.
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