Workbench 3.2 - reset Workbench icon locations

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Workbench 3.2 - reset Workbench icon locations

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Workbench lacks (at least) one obvious feature - reset position of all device icons, left out icons etc on the actual desktop.

The most obvious choice, "Update all" in the Workbench menu, only resets the icons in open windows, all of them except the desktop.
The second most obvious choice, "Reset WB" in the Tools menu, doesn't reset icons (but screws up palette pens.)
Then there is "Redraw all" under the Workbench menu, which only seem like a "ResetWB light".

All these three above should perhaps be merged, as it is rather confusing to know which to use when, and to cure what - and none of them actually resets the icons position on the Workbench desktop!
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