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3.1.4 in an A1200T BlizzardPPC 060 won't boot.

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:54 pm
by JurassicC
Hi I've finally got around to purchasing 3.1.4 for my A1200T
Its had a "Premium" RECAP and it very stable with OS4.1beta.

Hyperion 3.1 ROM from AmigaKIT
A1200 1D4 RECAP and Timing Fixed
ELBOX Mediator TX
Phase5 BlizzardPPC 060 256MB Fast RAM IDEFix Express & Lyra Keyboard adapter.

Now onto the issue. The problem happens when installed onto either a SFS 1.277 or FFS 43.16 partition so I dont think its file system related.
I can boot from the Install floppy and sucessfully install 3.1.4 including the modules onto my chosen partition (DH2: 1GB) under the first 4GB.
Install proceeds OK and the I copied the phase5 040 / 060 Libs to Libs:

I reboot and it loads the ROMUPDATE, resets, starts to boot again and then after LOADWB in the startup sequence it reboots, No GURU.
I did set echo on to establish the above.
It stays in a boot loop but occassionaly I get the workbench screen opens with "workbench screen" in the title bar, with just the mouse pointer and no icons.
I've powered off and rebooted from the install floppy and installed the update from floppy and the same happens.

Any ideas.

Re: 3.1.4 in an A1200T BlizzardPPC 060 won't boot.

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:49 am
by Gulliver
We have a developer with nearly the same machine specs.

I would try runnning the startup-sequence line by line:

set interactive on

If this is put top in a shell script, for example into the
startup-sequence (with an editor of your choice), the shell will
prompt you for each command it is going to be executed. If you press
RETURN, the shell will run the command. If you press N or DEL, the
shell will skip over it. If you press ESC, the shell will abort
tracing and execute the rest of the script without bothering you
further. If you press Control+D, the script will be aborted.

Re: 3.1.4 in an A1200T BlizzardPPC 060 won't boot.

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:59 pm
by JurassicC
@Gulliver, it took me ages to find the problem but it came down to MAX TRANSFER settings in the end.
The MAX transfer setting needed to be set to 0x1FE00 to stop workbench bootloop.

I thought 3.1.4 ignored MAX Transfer setting for scsi.device ? Or I seem to remember reading something like that somewhere.

So that bring me onto my next question, what are the differences between :- scsi.device v45.7 and 4.1FE scsi.device v52.5 FFS v46.20 and 4.1FE FFS v52.6 ?