OS4.1 / 3.9 dualboot script

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OS4.1 / 3.9 dualboot script

Post by SimonV »

Someone has experience in scripts and perhaps has a dualboot OS4.1 / OS 3.9 install ? I tried this script http://de.aminet.net/aminet/docs/help/D ... ing_EN.pdf but it gives priority to the OS4.1 installation. This is a problem because OS3.9 sits on the blizzard scsi and OS4.1 on the motherboard's scsi. Basically the OS3.9 installation can see the OS4.1 installation but the other way around can't because OS4.1 has no driver for the Blizzard's scsi controller. So the scripts makes OS4.1 look on the OS3.9 partition it doesn't. The other way around would be no problem.

I could put everything on the ide drive but that's not really optimal for the 68k side that I wanted on the faster BPPCscsi.device
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Re: OS4.1 / 3.9 dualboot script

Post by nbache »

From just looking at the scripts in the PDF, my immediate idea would be to copy the 68k Version command to the OS4 boot partition under a different name (e.g. Version-68k) and call that in the first If statements.

It seems that if the result is that you have indeed already booted under OS4, that is all you need to know, you just fall through to the following lines in the S-S, and conversely if you're finding you're under 3.x, you can already see the blizzard scsi and (re)boot from that.

I may have overlooked something, but that's what I would try.

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Re: OS4.1 / 3.9 dualboot script

Post by RussellB »

I have a multiboot setup using os3.9/4.0/4.1fe and don't using any scripts. I just use the early startup menu and the bootdevice kickstart module.

3.9 will always be the default booting partition so you will need to set the bootpriority of the 3.9 partition higher than the 4.1 partition as when the kickstart is loaded and the machine reboots it see 3.9 as the correct paritition to boot from. On the 4.1 side you need to add MODULE Kickstart/BootDevice in the kickstartlayout and then type in shell

Echo >Kickstart/BootDevice "DH2"
(assuming DH2 as the OS4.1 partition)

This stops you having go into the early startup menu twice to get 4.1 to boot.

So if you can see both your 3.9/4.1 partitions in the early startup menu it should be possible to do but I don't have the blizzardscsi on my card.
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