Boot issues with OS3.14 (cc0/cpu cash)

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Re: Boot issues with OS3.14 (cc0/cpu cash)

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Hi Mark,

For all I have read about the Furia, it seems it has several design limitations. Even the designers clearly suggest not to configure it to use more than 4MB of ram for pcmcia use.

On the expansion.library thing, It is probably some autonconfig issue in the card's logic. Because nothing fundamental has changed there, on the contrary, we added workarounds for boards that previous to 3.1.4 had issues with it (many boards had issues with 3.0/3.1).

Anyway, I also read the designers are planning a remake of this card with newer firmware. Maybe you can ask them if you can upgrade the one from your card to hopefully make it less conflictive.

My suggestion is to both contact the hardware and software developers of the Furia about this, as one of the best things about the Furia is that it is a recent development, and not some old hardware from the nineties from a company that no longer exists.
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Re: Boot issues with OS3.14 (cc0/cpu cash)

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nbache wrote:
Mark Sealey wrote:Anybody...? or is this forum dead...?
Most users here are into OS4, so you may find it easier to get good answers over on

Best regards,

Ah thanks for the i guess Os.3.1.4 is also dead then.....just thought this would be the best place to post about OS3.1.4 as this is where i bought it from and it was developed by Hyperion etc.
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Re: Boot issues with OS3.14 (cc0/cpu cash)

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Ah thanks for the i guess Os.3.1.4 is also dead then
Judging by the traffic about it in the relevant threads and fora on, including lots of support posts by some of the main developers of it and rumours about a rather imminent release, I don't think you can infer that.

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