Final Edition on A1200 fails

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Re: Final Edition on A1200 fails

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DarrenHD wrote:
satiropan wrote:SOLVED
following what is inside the answer to question 1.9 in Classic_FAQ.pdf on the FE cdrom
I must say that if they had written on the instructions leaflet: PLEASE READ Classic_FAQ.pdf BEFORE INSTALLING, it would have saved me a lot of anxiety, lost sleep hours and headache!
BTW, boot partition must be inside the first 4GB of HD, and you have to see that the file system loaded in the RDB is the same as the one you will choose for the boot partition.
clicking on "Edit partitions and filesystems" in the partition window of media toolbox, you can add what file system you need in the RDB and as soon as you have loaded it, click on it and check that the dostype figure is as explained, 444F5307 for FFS and 53465300 for SFS/00 (SFS/02 is not listed in L directory, I don't know whether it has the same dostype as SFS/00).
save, choose the proper file system, proper maxtransfer and mask, save, reboot and install
then FE starts from HD with no problem, and as a bonus, the floppy is finally recognized and you see its icon on WB!
I'm glad my FAQ helped at least one user :) It should be required reading I think ;-) Lots of help and info in the FAQ! I know I spent hours/days/months/years to get to the current version ;-)

thanx a lot then :)
in case they will print a new edition of the paper instructions, tell them to print in capital: READ THE FAQ ON THE CD BEFORE INSTALLING!!!
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Re: Final Edition on A1200 fails

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With OS4.1.2 CD, you will not have a successful install without reading the FAQ either.
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