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Re: Logitech Wheel Mouse

Post by danbeaver »

Thanks Thomas!

Using that information, the Micromys 4 with its software, and the FreeWheel commodity (in OS 4.1 on my A4000T), I finally got my mouse scroll wheel to work. Haven't had a need it any other situation to test it.

Again, thanks for the help.
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Re: Logitech Wheel Mouse

Post by Neil_P »

thomasrapp wrote:Do you use a KVM switch by chance? I didn't get the wheel to work reliably with this, too. It only works occasionally and only if the Amiga is the only computer on the switch.

But with the mouse connected directly to the adapter the wheel works perfectly.
I also have a Windows Explorer Trackball that I use with a Cocolino or EZMouse adapter on a KVM switch that works fine under OS3.9 but refuses to work through the KVM switch under OS4.1. Even with the device/adapter directly connected to the mouse port I get no reaction or response from the middle trackwheel/button or the additional buttons that work well under OS3.9.

There seems to be something amiss with how the FreeWheel software interacts with OS4.1 compared to OS3.9. The program loads, and the GUI loads up and the parameters are changeable/saveable, but still no response from those extra buttons/wheels on my A1200 240MHz/60Hz FSB PPC Mediator TX tower with a Voodoo 5 card and RTL8029AS NIC, running OS4.1.2 - I don't want to change to a later update as Update 5 'botched' my installation and I had to revert to OS4.1.2. I did not see any benefit from OS4.1.3 or OS4.1.4 anyway, apart from MUI OWB needs OS4.1.3 at least, but it runs so slowly anyway there's no point updating from OS4.1.2 as far as I see it.
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Re: Logitech Wheel Mouse

Post by Lio »

I can confirm that the 3rd button is working with the micromys4 adapter and its software and the wheel is working with the freewheel commodity, this is using a USB logitec MX700.
the only thing NOT working is the 4th and 5th button :(
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