Strange behaviour on Iconify

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Strange behaviour on Iconify

Post by samo79 »

Almost since Update 1 some applications start to have a very strange positioning when iconified .. i mean when i iconify an application using its gadget i would expect to see that iconified icon just below the other already showed on my Workbench desk

But sometimes that's not and the icon will be showed in the middle of the screen instead !
I note this specific issue with a couple of program: the recently introduced LoViewer from m3x and the latest Reaction AmigaAMP prefs

Is there a little problem in AmigaOS4 recently introduced or just an issue with that 2 programs that didn't specify correctly the iconify positioning ?
And if the "second" is true is it possible to "force" Workbench to open them into the corrected position ?
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Re: Strange behaviour on Iconify

Post by Rigo »

If the application uses it's own icon for the AppIcon image, then the snapshotted position is used as well, so the appicon will appear at the same location.

This is an application specific problem, and should be reported to the application authors.