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Multiview /amigaguide

Post by JosDuchIt »

Since welldrawn tables and insertion of images in an amigaguide document are a week spot of Amigaguide, at least you can superpose images using the SYSTEM "Multiview MyImage.jpg" command.
It would be great if one could position the image exactly where wanted . With Multiview that does not seem to be the case.
Neither with its options nor with an arexx command.
Both would be welcome. Being able to open Multiview without borders, would be nice too.
As its arexx port allows us to force it to quit, in the case described we don't need the cloe or other buttons.

If in the mean time someone could point me to an image viewer allowing this ? I'll try Next.
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Re: Multiview /amigaguide

Post by chris »

A new command to allow embedding of images would be a good start.

Something like @{img "mypic.iff"}

There's an AmigaGuide-compatible replacement on Aminet that allows this (I think that's the same command too, but I'll check if I can find it). Would be good for this to be added.

edit the replacement is iX-Guide (it works on OS4 too), that uses notation @{"logo" timg} for images by the looks of things. It's probably not worth copying that notation, although putting the command after the file path is a good idea as this matches all the other commands.

edit2 used Amigaguide notation to embolden my "edit" text above, how silly do I feel?

edit3 looks like there is a slightly newer version here
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Re: Multiview /amigaguide

Post by xenic »

Actually, I think it would be better to make HTML the OS4 documentation standard. However, I find that using an Internet browser to read local documentation a little awkward since I run by browsers on a seperate screen. I'd like to see a datatype based on a stripped down version of an OS4 native browser (like OWB, AWeb or TImberwolf) that could open in a Multiview window (or similar) on the frontmost (or user selected) screen. If the SDK or OS included a comprehensive (but simple to use) HTML editor/creator then we would have standard & effective OS4 documentation capability. The current AmigaGuide could be kept for historical purposes (reading old documentation). Older versions of PageStream used HTML documentation with a custom HTML display program which I thought was quite effective.
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