VERSION command needs improvements

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Re: VERSION command needs improvements

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ssolie wrote:
xenic wrote:Is that why the version command doesn't return any version information for any of the files in the SObjs or Python directories :-)
No, it is because I didn't feel it was necessary to add version strings to all those modules. Nothing more.
Personally, I think it would be helpful if all those files (and more) had version strings and that a complete filelist with versions be included with every OS4 release and update. In fact, it would be really useful to have a filelist that includes the versions and a checksum for all system files. Going a step further, I'd also like to see a command that could use that filelist to check for a proper up-to-date installation. I really get tired of seeing forum topics at other sites where users are advised to reinstall OS4.1, update1, update2, update3 & (eventually) update4. I'd much rather see them advised to check their system installation with a command.

P.S. I try not to install 3rd party addons to the system directories but here are the C: commands I think need version strings as of update3:
I realize that xadUnF is a script but it wouldn't hurt to add a version string in the comment.
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