AmigaInput fails to start with unknown USB device?

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AmigaInput fails to start with unknown USB device?

Post by Thematic »

AI actually crashes with these devices online:

Something like this
Model: IBM PowerPC 750 FX V2.2
CPU speed: 800 MHz
Stack trace:
module CURRDIR:Generic_usb.driver at 0x7F8482E4 (section 0 @ 0x42C0)
module CURRDIR:Generic_usb.driver at 0x7F8468BC (section 0 @ 0x2898)
module CURRDIR:Generic_usb.driver at 0x7F847D80 (section 0 @ 0x3D5C)
native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x0002a1a8
native kernel module kernel+0x00040058
native kernel module kernel+0x000400a0
Kickstart 53.89, Workbench 53.17
Kickstart USB versions are 53.22.
AmigaInput library is 53.4, AI prefs program is 53.13.
Is this common when you don't have the drivers ready?
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inspect.png (10.05 KiB) Viewed 542 times
* AmigaOneXE 750FX 512+0 MB RAM, Radeon 9200, sii3112ide, DVDRW ~ AmigaOS 4.1 Final
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Re: AmigaInput fails to start with unknown USB device?

Post by Spektro »

It shouldn't crash, of course. In the T:usb.log, do you have anything related to the device (Is it a mouse?)?

The USB log should contain these lines if there is no driver:
No interface driver of 0x???????? {Class ??.??} has been found
[0x????????] Could not bind any suitable driver for ???
? = hexadecimal number

Have you installed AmigaOS 4.1 FE Update 2? I can see that you don't have the latest Kickstart (version 54.28).

My Kickstart contains these USB modules:
  • bootkeyboard.usbfd 52.3
  • bootmouse.usbfd 53.3
  • usbsys.device 53.22
  • usbresource.library 53.22
  • uhci.usbhcd 53.15
  • ohci.usbhcd 53.22
  • massstorage.usbfd 53.84
  • hub.usbfd 53.11
  • ehci.usbhcd 53.26
- Janne Peräaho
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Re: AmigaInput fails to start with unknown USB device?

Post by polluks »

At least the Fanatec is a little bit critical
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