Special Characters and Pattern Matching

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Re: Special Characters and Pattern Matching

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Re: Special Characters and Pattern Matching

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So, BZs for NGFS and for ram-handler?

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Re: Special Characters and Pattern Matching

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colinw wrote:
Minuous wrote:
colinw wrote:Just because the shell has "special" uses for some characters, and the pattern matcher
also does too, and a couple have special meaning for DOS, ( namely colon and slash ), doesn't make them "illegal" in a name
Colon and slash are illegal in filenames; this is stated in the official AmigaDOS Manual (section 1.1).
However, after saying that, and that it should be obvious that a user shouldn't do it, it probably would be
acceptable for a filesystem to limit creating names with a ":" or "/" just incase.
That would be forward looking. Sometimes I do copy over files from other systems. And it could very well be they have such characters in the file name.
In that case I would have no way to change the file name. Luckily my experiment was in RAM: I could just reboot and it was gone, or I could have started an
to test all file managers available on OS4 to see if I can delete the file. Apparently it works with Opus4 as NBache noted. It was nice if one would not have to
rely on 3rd party software to do stuff I suppose the OS has to provide.
Not sure AmigaOS should build another wall around itself. :)

p.s. I can confirm on OS 3 the issue in the first post does not manifest this way.
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