Deficon problem when changing the def icon.

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Deficon problem when changing the def icon.

Post by Deniil »

Jpeg images open in MultiView by default, and that would have been fine if it could scale the image, but it doesn't. (Really, this should be changed. Even the datatypes themselves support scaling now - minimal work for Multiview.)

Anyway: So I changed the default tool in ENVARC:Sys/ to another program. Then I copied the file to ENV:Sys/.

I did this while having a WB window with iconless jpeg images. Now I selected Update in WB to make sure the new icon would be used. But when I double-click it still opens in Multiview. So I closed the window and opened it again. I *still* get Multiview. I chose Information on one of the files and it does show the new tool, yet MultiView persists to open.

There is obviously some kind of icon cache somewhere in Workbench that doesn't get properly updated when Update is selected.

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Re: Deficon problem when changing the def icon.

Post by nbache »

I know that to make a WB window "forget" its resized size and other temporary states, you have to close not only the window in question, but also the parent window. Maybe the same is the case here?

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