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Intuition GUI plugins? / Perception-IME LanguageBar "look"

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:48 am
by Belxjander
I've noticed in the devkit the option for Intuition to support plugins...
is there anything special here to be aware of or does anyone have any example toy plugins showing demo effects?

Is there anything I should "build in" with regards Perception-IME finally getting something visible that people can click on...

I'm more interested at this point as to what ideas people may have for what it could look like,

I'm only thinking of a basic Language selection in a screen corner... or should I look at more than that such as macro-replay removal of N-ascii inputs followed by UTF8 being pushed to replace the removed ascii?

Other than quick access to Locale and Langauge settings... what would be good?
Maybe a dictionary-by-language tool? or something else?

uhmm...yeah... using the system-wide input.device hook mechanism for a reason, moatly for immediate input choice updates

Still need to work out some details (all setting/display related) so any suggestions as to what may look good on AmigaOS (AOS4 or AROS) would be appreciated.