USB Problem/peculiarity

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USB Problem/peculiarity

Post by Aftermath »


AmigaOne X5000 / SAM460ex lite
AmigaOS 4.1FE upd 1
WorkBench 53.15
Kickstart 53.89

The problem:

I have a Western Digital Elements USB 3.0 750 gig external hard drive
I have it set up to use the FastFile System and to 'automount'

When I boot the system [cold or warm reboot], the drive icon does not appear.
When I open a shell and type 'info' the drive is not listed.
However, if I open 'Media Toolbox' , the drive is listed.

If I open a shell, and at the prompt type the the drives number (i.e. USB6:) after a
period of time, the icon appears and I have access to the files on the drive.
(note: the drive name - in this case "Media" - does not work)

If I plug the drive in after I boot the machine, there is a slight delay, but the
drive is recognized and I have access to the my files without further input on my part.

Note: I experience the same problem on my Sam460 (the 'Sam' does seem to access the
drive faster though).

What could be the cause of this (to me at least) odd behavior?

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Re: USB Problem/peculiarity

Post by davebraco »

Maybe the harddisk was in a validating process.

Do you have an amistore account and have bought the enhencer software pack, I would suggest you to change the file system of your disk to SmartFile System instead of FFS (save your data first as they will get lost after the operation)

Transfers will be much fasters and SFS don't have any validating process. (but have less repair tools etc. so make backups)
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