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Re: Timer device 'opening flood' bug in OS4.1FE update1

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:17 pm
by duga
xenic wrote:
Raziel wrote:I let snoopy run to cover another bug in another program and i can confirm that this timer.device spamming seems to come from another os part, as i'm getting the spam from AmiDock, CANDI and literally any program that is performing some tasks, e.g. ContextMenus.
The timer.device issue you see in the programs you mentioned are the symptom of a problem in graphics.library which tonyw says he has fixed. I'm just hoping we get the fix (and fixes for other minor update1 problems) in AmiUpdate instead of waiting another 2 years for update2.
Exactly. This is what AmiUpdate was supposed to be used for (I hope).