Still bug on Console prefs (FE Update 1)

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Re: Still bug on Console prefs (FE Update 1)

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broadblues wrote:
Amigo1 wrote:I did not want to start a new topic for this, I hope it's fine to use this thread.
I don't understand why you would not start a fresh thread for a completely new topic? Hiding it in an old thread is the best way to get it ignored. THis thread is not about console bugs but console prefs bugs, so you post is off topic.
You are right, I was tired when I posted it and did not think straight.
I'll start a new thread to put things in order.
I can confirm that CTRL-J is acting like CTRL-M here as far as I can tell, I don't have an older shell available to compare with at present.
If it helps, you can try under RunInUAE and AmigaOS 3.1. It behaves the same like the Shell when booting AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 CD on a Sam440.
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Re: Still bug on Console prefs (FE Update 1)

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tonyw wrote:
OK, it happens on a clean install, before I modify the Shell icon or snapshot it. It is a simple change to fix the problem and I thought I had done it some years ago, but no.

Now fixed.
As I mentioned previously, I think you did fix it years ago. It looks for ENVARC:Sys/ but some system installers (like the OS4 install disk for my X5000) don't include the file. I added it and my shells now iconify correctly (below other icons).
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