Wrong version in AmiGS

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Re: Wrong version in AmiGS

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trixie wrote:
nbache wrote:but was that the point of Trixie's remark?
I thought it was quite obvious. Hyperion hire a team of developers producing updates that never get released, and a team of betatesters reporting bugs that end up duly registered but never fixed. A typical Kafka-esque world in which a closed system was established that works by itself and for itself, without any apparent benefit for people outside that system.
Ah, okay, I get your point.

Of course, things look a little different from my POV as a betatester, but I guess that's only natural.

Here's hoping things will soon change again. Until then, the best I can do is to help make sure reports and observations don't get lost, and to test their fixes as/when/if they get released to beta.

So keep them coming, however futile it may seem at times.

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