Logitech mice and keyboards

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Re: Logitech mice and keyboards

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Yes, I agree, better fixed by OS4 devs but regarding :

1) that it's a very very long issue
http://forum.hyperion-entertainment.biz ... f=14&t=338

2) that "I don't know if/when a driver fix will be made available"

3) that no simple fixes were released by OS4 team since around 2 years

4) that in the meantime you have to use your SAM460

it's better to try to fix that by yourself !
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Re: Logitech mice and keyboards

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ssolie wrote:I don't know if/when a driver fix will be made available. There are hundreds of Logitech mice in existence and we can't possibly test all of them.

I haven't had any trouble with this mouse:
http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/cat ... Path=37_96
Well I have two sets of these official keyboards and mouses and get that "freeze" problems too :(

get the same problems with wireless mouses two, that "go to sleep" all of a sudden from time to time, even when I'm using it heavily, moving it does nothing but rolling its wheel unstuck it in general. nevertheless it's quite annoying (and that same mouses does not do that when used with Windaube or macos or Linux or FreeBSD).
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Re: Logitech mice and keyboards

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I use a Logitech M570 .
Sometimes on cold boot it is not recognized .
I simply unplug the USB receiver from the front panel USB port and reinsert it.
Mouse is then ok.
Apart from that no other mouse problems .
My keyboard is a Microsoft JWD-00046 Standard USB Keyboard

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