Reprap 3D printer "SmoothieBoard" compatability report

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Reprap 3D printer "SmoothieBoard" compatability report

Post by Belxjander »

I have had the opportunity to connect and check what is required to support this device...

It is a multi-function USB Device with 4 Functions,
CDC-Data ("SmoothieBoard")
CDC-Control ("Smoothie Serial")
MassStorage ("Smoothie MSD")
Application Specific ("Smoothie DEU")

The MassStorage access to the 4GB MicroSD card-slot included with the controller is automatic with no issues.
The CDC-Control and CDC-Data functions are the actual Serial Link for printing ("Optional")
The ApplicationSpecific function is for Firmware Updates

There is an additional Ethernet port (sam440 and sam460 machines can use the 2nd Ethernet port for accessing this),
Whish is usable for a 100% Web-Browser based 3D printer manager on the controller itself (for the toolchain, the printer manager is not required here)

If Blender can output OpenCSG models in STL format even as an "export" option... SFACT/Slic3r/Cura/NetFabb or another slicing tool can then be used for the 2nd part of the toolchain ( SFACT(python), Cura(C) or Slic3r(perl) is recommendable) which makes the difficulty for 3D printer support more practically available to AmigaOS more generally.
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