AmiStore download problem

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AmiStore download problem

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A couple of weeks (now maybe 2 months) ago I bought the Poster Collection and the Sentinel X Logger software from the AmiStore. After buying I was unable to download the software and AmiStore showed a message about the Admin being informed about the problem. I bought PPaint for OS4 and ATI driver 2 at the same time and both were no problem to download.

I filled in a form at about the problem some time ago, but without any reaction sadly.
I also asked AmiKit on Amibay, but uptill now also without an answer.

Problem is still the same, I try every 2 weeks or so to download but it always shows the Admin being informed message

So now I am trying here :)

Can you fix the problem maybe?

Kind regards, OoZic
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Re: AmiStore download problem

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Best to start a support ticket on Amigakits store support page.
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