My Thanks to Hyperion

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My Thanks to Hyperion

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I have been a faithful Amiga user since 1988 when I purchased my 2000HD and then 4000.

I bought a collection of Amigas from a collector that passed away. I had 18 Amigas of various models. Since the collector had passed, the son was selling his collection. He told me that he didn't know what this was and it wouldn't boot but he was throughing it in to get rid of it. When I opened it up at homeand saw that it was an AmigaOneXE/G4, I was like I hit the motherload. The reason it wouldn't boot was because of the CPU mounted at an angle. So I reseated that and I was up and running on 4.0. I then purchased 4.1. This was summer of 2009. 4.1 was limited at that time so it collected dust for the past 4 years.

I was on youtube and saw how 4.1 was now at Upgrade 6 with autoupdates. I watched the 4.1 video and was impressed how you have come along with VNC, RDP, and embracing the Internet although Timberwolf I have my doubts about. I am very excited that I finally have an Amiga that is an alternative to Linux and Windoze...again. It is also nice that you have encompassed UAE into the OS so I can use and Amiga to run my Classic stuff instead of on Linux,droid, and Windoze. that is a novel concept.

My hat is off to Hyperion as they are the only ones that I see moving Amiga forward.
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Re: My Thanks to Hyperion

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amiganut wrote:My hat is off to Hyperion as they are the only ones that I see moving Amiga forward.
Hats off indeed, but don't forget the contributions of e.g. A-EON, ACube, AmigaKit as well as a number of dedicated developers etc. out there.

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