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Re: GUI improvement we need

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Rigo wrote:Well, the first one is an easy fix, as the button is probably being redrawn with RefreshSetGadgetAttrs() which is forcing a refresh when one isn't needed. Simply use SetGadgetAttrs() on buttons that contain an image to sort out the double refresh problem. As for the others, I can't really do any more without looking at how the code sets up these gadgets.
A-ha! The refreshes were there because I thought I needed them when enabling/disabling gadgets. I've changed as suggested and this problem has gone - thanks!

The third one you can look at my example in the other thread.
The second one... possibly might be caused by another unnecessary refresh.

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Re: GUI improvement we need

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Yeah, if you are able to fix the latest two i think NetSurf GUI will looking perfectly well ;)

About bug 3 (bug in scrollergclass) i sent a mail to Tantignone but no reply for now

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