Timberwolf is now open source

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Thomas Frieden
AmigaOS Core Developer
AmigaOS Core Developer
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Timberwolf is now open source

Post by Thomas Frieden »

We've decided that it's about time we release Timberwolf's source code to the public.

To that end, I've set up a project on github here:


If you want to become a contributor, let me know and tell me your github user name so I can add you.

The code is licensed under MPL, naturally, but we kindly ask that changes or additions should be returned to the project, in a true open source spirit.

Build instructions will be added later.
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Re: Timberwolf is now open source

Post by HKvalhe »

That's great news. Something that should have happened a long while ago. This is probably to the best, and hopefully Amiga browsers like this one can reach a new dimension of modern, seamless browsing without issue.
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