Hyperion: Bankruptcy proceedings reopened against Ben Hermans B.V.

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Hyperion: Bankruptcy proceedings reopened against Ben Hermans B.V.

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http://www.amiga-news.de/en/news/AN-202 ... 05-EN.html

Hyperion: Bankruptcy proceedings reopened against Ben Hermans B.V.
Since a restructuring in 2019, the Belgian lawyer Ben Hermans has owned around 97% of all shares in Hyperion (Heretic 2, AmigaOS 4, AmigaOS 3.2), which he transferred to his company "Ben Hermans B.V." a few months later. Since then, this very company also acts as the "Director" of Hyperion Entertainment.

Bankruptcy proceedings had already been opened against Ben Hermans B.V. in May 2021: the annual financial statements for 2019 - the year in which Hermans had transferred its private Hyperion shares to Ben Hermans B.V. - had still not been published, in violation of applicable Belgian law. When asked by amiga-news.de at the time, Hermans stated that the external accountant had not been able to complete the annual report on time (quote) "due to COVID restrictions - such as the requirements to work from home and to allow only minimal staffing in offices". The problem was resolved a few months later by submitting the missing annual report.

In the meantime, the company's status in the Belgian company database is once again listed as "Opening of bankruptcy procedure" (announcement in the Belgian Company Newsletter). A quick look at the published financial statements shows that the last filed report covers the 2021 financial year. We have asked Ben Hermans for a statement on the reopening of bankruptcy proceedings, but have not yet received a response. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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