A-EON confirms lack of an AmigaOS 4 license

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A-EON confirms lack of an AmigaOS 4 license

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http://www.amiga-news.de/en/news/AN-202 ... 99-EN.html

A-EON confirms lack of an AmigaOS 4 license
A few days ago, Alinea announced that the X5000 was back in stock. Their listing of a complete system includes a digital copy of AmigaOS 4, but according to a former Hyperion manager, A-EON no longer has a valid AmigaOS 4 license - which brings up the question where Alinea is purchasing X5000 motherboards bundled with an AmigaOS 4 license. Approached by amiga-news.de, Matthew Leaman from A-EON and Amigakit confirms that "there are no active OEM agreements for A-EON hardware". According to him each reseller makes "his own arrangements for any third party software they resell".

Since Alina claims (German) to be purchasing hardware and software from the same source, that means there has to be another layer in the distribution channel - somebody who has access to valid OS4 licenses, bundles them with motherboards purchased from A-EON and then sells them to Alinea and maybe other dealers.

Neither Matthew Leaman nor Simon Neumann from Alinea wanted to discuss details of the current distribution model with amiga-news.de. Leaman only confirmed that the boards currently on sale are not new production runs, they are supplied from existing stocks. We asked both Ben Hermans (Hyperion) and an entrepreneur who is rumoured to be the middleman described above for a statement, but have not heard back from either party so far.

Note from staff: In his original statement (German) at os4welt.de, Simon Neumann explains that one of the reasons for the new price of a X5000 system - 2400 Euros instead of 2100 Euros - is the substantially higher wholesale price the German dealer has to pay. An additional middleman between A-EON and dealers selling to endusers would explain that, since the middleman obviosly has to generate profit as well. (cg)
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