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Postby sailorMH » Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:47 am

Last upgrade: overclocking Radeon9800Pro:
I succeed to overclock GPU from initial 338 MHz memory a 378 MHz GPU core:
to 351 MHz memory, 392 MHz GPU core.
I also equip the card with new cooler - Thermalright V-1 Ultra, slightly modified to don't block nearby PCI slot.

even if overclockig is only by 2-3%, SDLbench faster by another 8%.
......................................... 320x240 320x240 640x480 640x480 hardware software hardware
Slow points (frames/sec):..12.6582 235.294 1.6632 59.2593
Fast points (frames/sec):...324.461 118.081 81.6587 29.6777
Rect fill (rects/sec):............23141.2 512000 7474.45 240941
32x32 blits (blits/sec):........63015.4 372364 61134.3 372364

Nice! Just now, my Pegasos have overall score 3341.66 in
It is faster than some SAM460Ex with HD cards, even if this card have no compositing under AmigaOS.
Pegasos 2: MorphOS, AmigaOS, MintPPC 11, NetBSD, MacOS X (molk), Debian 8
AmigaOne X1000: AmigaOS, MintPPC 11, Debian 8, Lubuntu 16.04
Powermac G5 Quad: MacOS X, Debian 8, Lubuntu 16.04
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