General question re X5000 and X1222

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.

General question re X5000 and X1222

Postby Everblue » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:34 pm

I having been thinking of purchasing an Amiga OS4 machine for a while. Considering the significant price difference between the X5000 and the (hopefully soon to be released) X1222, one would expect a significant difference in terms of speed in use. Now I know I can just put specs side by side and compare, but I find that a bit abstract. In real life, how would these compare when used for normal daily tasks, keeping in mind I am not a developer? Thank you!

PS. Hopefully this has been posted in the right forum!
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Re: General question re X5000 and X1222

Postby Raziel » Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:15 pm

regarding everyday "work" with the system there isn't very much difference between the NG machines.

Especially when using Workbench there wasn't much speed increase "feel" when i switched from the XE to X1000.
I guess it might be the same when it comes to A1222 and X5000.

While the latter might have more grunt under the hood it probably will only show if you have apps that actually use this power...and frankly there aren't many out there that do.
The X5000 has 4 cpu cores, the X1000 has two, on both systems only one is used...and i guess that won't change, so no real benefit there either.

Together with the new gfx driver a lot of potential is freed by enslaving the GPU at last, so there will be a real gainer.
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Re: General question re X5000 and X1222

Postby amigasociety » Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:43 am

Raziel wrote:The X5000 has 4 cpu cores, the X1000 has two, on both systems only one is used...and i guess that won't change, so no real benefit there either.

To my knowledge the current shipping and selling X5K is only 2 cores.

The future quad core is yet to be announced for sale.

I find the 2 core 5020 is pretty nice. Seems speedier too than the X1K I used to own.

So far I have enjoyed my X5K.

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AmigaOne X5000
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Re: General question re X5000 and X1222

Postby tonyw » Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:51 pm

It depends on the sort of work you want to do. The raw CPU speed is about 2:1, so the X-5000 is about twice as fast as the A-1222 (other things being equal like disk speed, etc).

Where the A-1222 is not at its best is floating-point performance. The P1022 CPU does not support FP arithmetic in the same form as other PowerPC processors, so PowerPC FP instructions are "patched" in real time to enable them to execute the same binary programs. Although this approach is much faster than software emulation, programs with a lot of FP will run a lot faster on the X-5000 than on the A-1222.

However, if you want to use the machine for everyday tasks like text editing, email, web browsing and such, the A-1222 will be fine for you. It is the new mid-range machine, still twice as fast as the old A1-XE and Sam 440 series and faster than the Sam 460 in most respects.

All figures IIRC.
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Re: General question re X5000 and X1222

Postby Everblue » Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:34 pm

Thanks guys for your replies!
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Re: General question re X5000 and X1222

Postby kas1e » Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:39 pm

Go for x5k. Yeah, not so cheap , but there is pluses of x5k:

1). fast
2). have no problems with FPU.
3). put any kind of cards you want
4). it is already here, in sold, have working os, kind of tested.

And there is why i don't go for Tabor if i were any new user:

1). slow in compare with x5k : browsers will not be _that_ fast. Youtube, movies, modern games : all will be not that funny.
2). fpu problem. Yes, there is emulator will be. But it also will be not 100% uber-cool, there for sure will be issues, and glitches with, which need to be fixed. Some things may even never work over emulation, so you will have some hard times with some software imho.
3). its not here. when : no one know. It should be in 2015, now its about 2019. My bet : 2021 MAYBE.
4). it is known, there is no audio driver at the moment. I do not know what the problems, but there is none, and when/if no one know. There is also problem : if no onboard sound, then 1 single slot gotten by GFX card, and as result no audio. So only be in hope that there will be onboard audio driver (if and when).
5). i do not know , but i feel something wrong with Tabor. I read everywhere that aeon says "hardware is ready we wait for hyperion", and from hyperion "os is ready, hardware is not ready". So i kind of feel there is some issues we know nothing about.

All of this mean : go for x5k.

And even if tabor be there right now, i still says go for x5k. It is faster and well tested already. If your hope its not only play with workbench, but trying to do something more modern , then x5k only.

Besides, emulation of old classic amiga on x5k much better just because of good cpu. Take a look at my video about classic emulation on x5k:

Someone also saying there something about "multi core". But that probabaly will never see "real support" as we can hope of it , because of many factors, but x5k with even 1 single core 2.1ghz cpu are good for everything (well, for most).
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