Problem Installing SYBA SD-PEX63034 7.1 (ENVY 24DT) Sound

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Re: Problem Installing SYBA SD-PEX63034 7.1 SOLVED!

Postby DjCook » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:31 am

Spectre660 wrote:Try the following after booting.

From a cli type
dumpdebugbuffer ram:debug.txt

have a look at the debug.txt file in ram:

at the end of the file you should see some text like this :

No CMI8738 found! :-(
No Envy24 found! :-(
Envy24HT: Card found
No FM801 found! :-(
No SB128 found! :-(
SM502: Card found
No SOLO_ONE found! :-(
No cards found! :-(

Thank You for Your help dear Mr. Spectre660,
You are totally right, my card gets recognized and i can now report that both Audio cards working well!!!
as i mentioned before - the problem was me, and not the Comuper or audio cards or whatever..
I have a Samsung TV Set that i use as monitor. There are many devices attatched to it. Because VGA connector was occupied i have used a DVI cable. It's a standard DVI cable at one end and HDMI on the other. The problem is - if You use HDMI on the TV it will listen to HDMI only, the AUX IN connector WILL NOT WORK! That's why i heard only silence. I've remembered that i've connected a PC with this cable and wondered that my audio worked without an audio cable. Then i've attatched my Amiga with standard VGA+Audio cable and switched it on...and heard something like a X-Files theme. WOW! I'm impressed and very lucky now.
The last thing i like to do is that Ranger shows detailed information about my audio card..
kind regards,
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Re: Problem Installing SYBA SD-PEX63034 7.1 (ENVY 24DT) Soun

Postby Spectre660 » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:22 pm

Happy to have been able to help.
Have fun.
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