read and write SD card

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read and write SD card

Postby kilaueabart » Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:38 am

A few days ago I sought advice here because I was getting hundreds of "device descriptor read/64, error -32" lines when booting and closing Ubuntu. Those have stopped as suddenly and mysteriously as they began.

Still, I wanted to take one of the suggestions offered, boot from SD card instead of a vfat partition on my thumb drive, /dev/sdb1. I finally was able to get a copy of kernel 4.20 on the SD card and boot from it. Now I can safely take dmesg's suggestion to fsck /dev/sdb1 without worrying about what some of the options might do to it.

However, I have been inclined to try new kernels as presented. Easy when I was using a thumb drive. I just opened the UBUNTU icon on my desktop and dragged the new partition to it from /bart/Downloads. That doesn't seem to work with the SD card for lack of "permission." To get 4.20 onto it I had to go to the terminal, cd Downloads/ and use this command:
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sudo cp vmlinux-4.20-Amiga*/X5000*/uImage-4.20 /media/bart/91dd8491-ac97-44c7-9611-dcabfec171a3/

Way too much typing for this old man. Is there an easier way?
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Re: read and write SD card

Postby xeno74 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:28 pm

You can create a folder on the SD card and set the permissions with chmod. You can also add the partition on your SD card to the file /etc/fstab with the mount option user.

Example of an entry in the file /etc/fstab:

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UUID=91dd8491-ac97-44c7-9611-dcabfec171a3     /media/amigaone/91dd8491-ac97-44c7-9611-dcabfec171a3             ext4      acl,user_xattr     0 2

Running Linux on AmigaONEs can require some tinkering.
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