AOTL is working to offer a Linux “version” of the X5000

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues related to Linux only.

AOTL is working to offer a Linux “version” of the X5000

Postby xeno74 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:34 pm



This message is to ask PPC64 Linux users to help encourage the continued support of PPC64!

Amiga On The Lake LLC (AOTL) is working hard to offer a Linux “version” of the AmigaOne X5000 computer. A PPC64 System, that Linux (Debian) is the primary OS tuned to run great on that hardware and additional hardware that is supported by Linux...e.g. M.2 SSD through PCIe 4X.

The AmigaOne X5000 is the most powerful Power Architecture® based home computer available today. It fact, it is also the only PPC64 computer available today. It uses a NXP P5020 duel core (e5500) CPU. The CPU is a PPC64 using Power Architecture of 2.06. Coming soon is the AmigaOne X5000/40 that uses a NXP P5040 quad core (e5500) CPU. Where the old Power Mac G5’s have a Power Architecture of 2.03. You can find Amiga-Linux info at: viewforum.php?f=58

We are in talks with the guys at the GNU/Linux PowerPC notebook origination found at:
they are building a laptop that uses a NXP T208x, e6500 64-bit Power Architecture with Altivec technology 4 x e6500 dual-threaded cores, low-latency backside 2MB L2 cache, 16GFLOPS x core. This CPU is Power Architecture 2.07.

Both computers offer a performance improvement over the G5 Power Mac CPU using a Power Architecture of 2.03.

The Power Mac G5’s are an important focus for PPC64 Linux as there are many of them out there. We are asking for Power Mac G5 owners help in encouraging the ongoing support from Debian. After all we are “ALL” in the same PPC64 boat now.

Any serious developer that wants an AmigaOne X5000 motherboard to develop on please pass on my information below to them. We are willing to sell to any developer at a discount to help bring the best of Linux on PPC64.

Aaron Smith
Amiga On The Lake
296 East 2nd
Oswego, NY 13126
P: 315-806-7311

Running Linux on AmigaONEs can require some tinkering.
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Re: AOTL is working to offer a Linux “version” of the X5000

Postby Skateman » Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:15 pm

A very good initiative! I like it.

All help is welcome..
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