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Re: Hard drive format

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:14 pm
by Hypex
Thanks Niels. That looks very helpful. Now if I remembered the boot device variable as I've heard it before it would have saved me editing Kicklayouts. Always the way, after the fact. :-)

Re: Hard drive format

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:20 am
by Steff
Hypex wrote:I got caught in all this when I needed to transfer my XE HDD to my X1000 to transfer all my files. Long story short. The bootloader found my XE AmigaOS volumes and tried to boot off it! I didn't notice at first because all the labels were named "Amiga OS 4.1" something but knew something was wrong when every selection I tried was crashing. Then I saw my XE volumes were first in the boot list!

So then I picked what it would usually boot from but found it was still booting from the XE Workbench! Argh! It got worse as the early startup wasn't working because it ignored my mouse buttons! Double argh! This hasn't happened before. I'd gotten used to AmigaBoot being able to boot off the same volume as picked in the menu but here it was acting like SLB by loading Kickstart off one volume and booting Workbench off another. Very annoying "feature". I think BootDevice should be a requirement of installing a new Kicklayout.

I decided I would need to boot the CD. But I managed to load Kickstart off HDD by the time it was in the drive and then it booted off the CD. This was good as it was faster. And it had priority above the rest. So it booted the CD. My point here is that it is strange if the CD doesn't boot as in a normal setup the CD will always boot above all others. It's usually only when the HDD pri is set above 0 to values like 5 or 10 that this problem arises. And with a newly formatted HDD with standard boot volume settings this should never happen. :shock:

I then disabled the bootable flag but AmigaBoot still picked the Kicklayout. According to the docs it shouldn't do that so will look into that. :?

It only got worse from here when I decided to shrink my BOOT volume and copied amigaboot.of over only to find CFE couldn't find it any more. And when I tried to boot CD it couldn't find the CD in the drive. :o But that's another story. :D

When you say "startup wasn't working because it ignored my mouse buttons!", what do you mean?

Re: Hard drive format

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:03 am
by Hypex
Steff I mean in the Amiga early startup menu where you can pick what AmigaDOS volume to boot from and other stuff. It should come up when you hold down both mouse buttons. Or press scroll lock for Help.

There is a bug where it ignores the mouse buttons. And because of my keyboard (Mac) I can't press scroll lock if it has it anywhere. So I get stuck. :)