Multicore or hypervisor first ?

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Multicore or hypervisor first ?

Postby gdridi » Sat Mar 30, 2019 9:52 pm


I think talking about multicore without making allusion to hypervision is a miss.

Because people have had to use the word multicore and thinking about the old days of multiprocessing and acronyms like : SymetricMultiProcessing=SMP or Asymetric=AMP, even Frieden made the fault in spite of being qualified for use of the concept.

Now, we have cores : not « symmetric » processors outside on the motherboard ; that’s the difference, we can’t run resource allocation by the OS without a layout of abstraction like hypervision due to lack of « autonomy » of cores (like allocating resources and not solely running the OS).

Here is a good start by IBM expert :

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