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Re: Pivot monitor support on driver level?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:19 pm
by nbache
Yeah, I can see it may not be quite as simple.

I tend to think in single-screen terms because I almost never use more than one (big) screen myself.

But each screen is created with a certain screenmode of a certain monitor definition, right? So in theory, if we could make "something" detact that the (physical) monitor has changed its native resolution (swapped x and y, specifically), we'd "only" need that "something" to go through open screens with a mode from that monitor and switch its screenmode to the corresponding one.

If you change the screenmode using the Screenmode prefs editor, IPrefs (?) takes care of closing the screen and reopening it in the new resolution, including all its windows (if possible). I guess it should do the same in this case.

I know, I am probably seeing things through hazy, rose-coloured glasses ;-).

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