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Postby xenic » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:55 pm

Interrogative wrote:Instead of SIRI or Cortana, why can't we have a spoken AmigaDOS interface, or CVI? It would function much the same as the CLI except that you would be speaking the commands, options, and paths into a microphone. With enough scripting (ARexx, Python, or AmigaDOS) perhaps it could be a little like SIRI?

Porting a speech recognition system from Linux would probably be the quickest path. I don't know if OS4 Qt is complete enough to support "Simon" ( ... ecognition ) which is supposedly written in Qt, but it looks interresting. There may be other open-source systems as well.

EDIT: A second look indicates that Simon is based on CMU Sphinx at which looks like it's written in C language.
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