Roadshow TCP/IPv4 to include IPv6?

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Re: Roadshow TCP/IPv4 to include IPv6?

Postby Rotzloeffel » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:00 pm

Elwood wrote:Sorry to tell you that, if I remember correctly, IPV6 as well as WLAN require a complete rewrite of the stack. So it's a 3 years work at least.
Then I don't know how this can happen in a reasonable timeframe.

Roadshow is based on an old IPStack of NetBSD.... so the actual ipstack for NetBSD-amiga can handle ipV6 without problems..... so yes, it is work for Olsen....but 3 Years? I don´t think so....
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Re: Roadshow TCP/IPv4 to include IPv6?

Postby NinjaCyborg » Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:47 pm

I was both at Lancaster University in the UK where they developed the IPv6 stack that became Microsoft's Windows IPv6 stack, and at Symbian where we spent the best part of $10million developing an IPv6 stack. I think it's pretty unlikely we'll ever get one an Amiga IPv6 stack even if you could reuse code from one of the BSDs because Amiga is missing most of the dependencies of a modern Unix. As brilliant as Olsen is I doubt he wants to spend 100 man years of effort building one for a resource constrained computer. The good news is, you'll never ever need it for an Amiga personal computer. It will always be possible to have a local IPv4 LAN behind your DSL router or 4G modem and let the router do the IPv6 work.
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