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Re: Update 1 and amigaboot.of

Postby nbache » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:33 am

ddni wrote:On my x1000, I have BHD0, but in media toolbox it is listed as not Automount and not Bootable.
My Amigaboot.of is in DH0: which is an SFS/02 filesystem.

I am confused now as above it says DH0: must be FFS to boot?
The names of the partitions (device names or volume names) are not important, they are just names. The main thing is that you need to have amigaboot.of residing somewhere where it can be read by the CFE, which can only read FFS (and FAT) partitions. You tell CFE where to find amigaboot.of in the boot command. E.g. the definition quoted earlier by xenic:
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MENU_0_COMMAND=setenv amigaboot_quiet Y; boot -fs=amigafs ide0.0:amigaboot.of
points to the first partition (.0) on the first disk (ide0) seen as CFE as "ide" (don't let this confuse you, "ide" includes SATA in CFE). Also, CFE doesn't know about AutoMount or Bootable, it just loads and runs the file it is pointed to, the amigaboot.of file on said partition, and from thereon, the OS loading is initiated. The parameter "-fs=amigafs" in the command is what makes CFE expect an FFS filesystem; the corresponding parameter for FAT is "-fatfs".

So, ddni, if you have the same command line in CFE, your first partition must a) be FFS, b) contain an amigaboot.of file. And that is the one being used, regardless of which versions of it you may have on other partitions, such as your DH0: (which consequently cannot be the first partition on the disk - you can check that with Media Toolbox if you doubt it).

Where does Kickstart load from?
From the path given for each module in the kicklayout file in the config section you choose to boot. If you have set the CFE variable boot_config to the name of a config (its LABEL line), then that is the config being loaded, otherwise it will be the first (or only) one in your Kicklayout file (or the first Kicklayout file found).

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Re: Update 1 and amigaboot.of

Postby ddni » Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:57 pm

Thanks Niels,

My boot CFE command line is exactly as above.
I had a 2012 amigaboot.of in BHD0: and the new amigaboot.of in sys:
I replaced the one in BHD0: with the newer version.
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