10 degrees difference on Radeon HD5870 - AOS and Ubuntu

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Re: 10 degrees difference on Radeon HD5870 - AOS and Ubuntu

Postby Hans » Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:46 am

Srtest wrote:Did some further testing with a special surface thermometer and (I don't really need it as when I touch it it is extremelly hot) the GPU measured in an idle state a whopping 54c so I guess the CPU indicator is heavilly influenced from the GPU's metal or something as it is by far the hottest thing there. Opening the case reduces the ambient case temp to 38c and the CPU to 50c.

The CPU's temperature is relative to the ambient case temperature, as it's the case's air that is being used to cool it. So, if the case's air temperature is already 43 C, then you can expect the CPU to be hotter than if the air is 30 C.

Yes, your GPU's 54 C is a sizable factor in your case's high temperature. While it should be venting some of its hot air directly out of a vent next to the monitor connectors (I hope that this vent isn't blocked by anything), it will still be releasing a lot of heat into the case.

Srtest wrote:This is the Middle East it's always hot... but right now it is the beginning of winter so the room temp I guess is what you'll consider hot in 23-24c.

Ah, the Middle East. 23-24 degrees isn't that hot, though. That's just a few degrees warmer than in my test.

Given your climate and system, I recommend adding extra fans to your system to pull more cold air into it. Assuming that your case came with the standard one fan in the front, there are two spots for adding extra fans that have dust filters: one in the front, and a large one in the bottom. There are more fan ports, but those require removing the sound damping material and don't have dust filters. Besides, one or two extra fans would probably be enough to bring the ambient case temperature down to a more comfortable level.

It would definitely be nice to have dynamic power management but, like I said earlier, it's surprisingly complicated to implement.

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Re: 10 degrees difference on Radeon HD5870 - AOS and Ubuntu

Postby Srtest » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:44 am

I've changed the HD5870 to R9 270 and as a result I slashed 9 degrees on average from the cpu, and considering it is winter compared to when I tested a year and a half ago, you can say it made a 6 degrees difference actually (HD5870 did 57-8 degrees on last winter here and R9 270 does 50-51).

X1kTemp measurements:

Case: 37c
CPU: 51c
Core1: 58c
Core2: 60c


I have noticed on Linux that even when DPMS is deactivated, the card is not always running full speed (sometimes that's a bad thing) and sometimes the usage itself kicks it into a higher gear, workload, and eventually higher tempratures (that effect the system) which drop when such a usage stops. Maybe we can have some triggers on AOS as well.
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