Would like some clairty regarding ASOT_INTERRUPT node type

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Would like some clairty regarding ASOT_INTERRUPT node type

Postby Hypex » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:09 pm

Hi guys.

I've been reviewing some of my old code and code of others installing an interrupt in the system. It uses the proper method of using AllocSysObjectTags() with an ASOT_INTERRUPT type. However, I noticed there is a tendency to set the interrupt node type to NT_EXTINTERRUPT. Was this ever necessary? With earlier kernel version even? Given this is an OS4 only function it doesn't make sense that it would return a 68K NT_INTERRUPT rather than a PPC native NT_EXTINTERRUPT type.

The following example uses same technique cleanly without modifying the Interrupt structure returned. I would prefer the cleaner approach. It is a software interrupt but running native code in the interrupt routine obviously.
http://wiki.amigaos.net/wiki/Exec_Inter ... Interrupts
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