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Postby xenic » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:14 pm

trixie wrote:But who says the WM_CLOSE and OM_DISPOSE methods invoked on the window object do not perform the message clean-up? Frankly, the Window Class would have to have been written by a monkey to omit such a crucial step.

Other bugs discovered by OS4.x users would seem to indicate some simian influence :-)

I'd say that broadblues has settled the issue with his autodoc quotes. I do read the autodocs but overlooked those important points regarding message disposal. However, I still think that simply setting "done=TRUE" & "break" in the message retrieval loop for a window close message or when an error is detected in a "CASE" item is inadequate. The loop will continue to retrieve messages and possibly be acted on by one of the other CASE items. If one of the CASE items has a function that produces a memory allocation failure, I don't think you want any other function calls attempted before exiting the program.
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